Toshiba Business Phone Systems Expansion Cards Modules

Published: 23rd October 2009
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Expansion cards are used to expand the capabilities of the Toshiba Business phone systems. Almost all systems by Toshiba can be expanded using 1 or 2 KSU units. There is always a limit to how many cards can be added to any DSU/KSU unit.

Refurbished cards generally work as well as new cards. carries most all cards in both new and refurbished conition.

36.6 KBPS Modem Subassembly CTX 100 (AMDSIA)

- Allows technicians to dial into your system

4 Circuit DTMF Receiver CTX 100 (ARCS1A)

- Adds an addition 4 DTMF circuits

8 Digital Station Sub Assembly (BDKS1A)

- Increases system to allow 8 more digital phones

8 Port Digital Station Card (BDKU)

- Replaces current card in system

CTX Option Paging Relay Control (BIOU1A)

- Adds paging to system

16 Circuit IP Telephone Interface (BIPU-M2A)

- Increases capicty of system for 16 VoIP phones

Dk 424i Power Supply (BPSU672)

- Replacement power suppy for DK 424i DSU

ISDN Primary Rate Interface Unit (BPTU)

- Adds ISDN interface into DSU

DTMF Receiver (BRCS)

- Just a DTMF card

Analog Station Card (BSTU1)

- Expands number of analog devices that can be attached

Digital Interface Card (BWDKU)

- Expands number of digital devices that can be attached

Door Phone Conroller (DDCB3A)

- Allows 2-way talking to outside entry doorway


- Expands CIX for 8 more VoIP phones

CTX28/CIX 40 1 Port Analog Card (GSTU1A)

- Expands

Remote Maintenance Daughter Card (IMDU)

2 Co Line 4 Digital Station Card (KCDU)



Caller ID Interface unit (RCIU2)

Loop Start Trunk Card (RCOU)

DK280-424 Medium Processor (RCTUB4)

DID Trunk Card (RDDU)

T1 24 Channel Card (RDTU2)

DK280 and 424 Power Supply (RPSU280A)

CIX40 4 Line Caller ID Base Card (BCOCIU1)

Toshiba Expansion Cards will allow your phone system to grow with you.

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